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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rock the Shot 'Summer Fun' Submission

Summer Fun
June Photo Challenge for Rock The Shot Forum

Summer took it's time arriving in Montana this year. As with every summer though, when it does arrive, beauty abounds. With only a week left in Missoula before our families big move to North Dakota, I took a break from packing to spend a few precious hours with my dear friends, The Nelsons. After a fun adventure of running through the woods and along the river at sunset, we took a few moments to rest in the grass and chat before hopping in our cars and going our separate ways. It was during this time that Reiley discovered a handful of dandelion fluffs and started blowing for all he was worth, sending hundreds of tiny little wisps into the breeze. Thankfully I still had my camera on me and snapped this picture of him surrounded by the floating wisps. Those eyes, by the way, are ALL his. Lock up your daughters!

Location: Missoula, MT - Time: 8:45pm - Camera: Canon 7D - Lens: 50mm f/1.4

~ Lexi


  1. This is a great shot! Love the cutie and the color and the fluff flying around!


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